Our Attractions

Corn Maze & Daytime Attractions

A unique design that is made up of two individual mazes. Enjoy a fun stroll through the corn while locating the 12 checkpoints or use your detective skills to figure out what happened to Farmer Joe. Either way, this maze has something for all ages to enjoy. If you come at night, you’ll get all the fun of our daytime mazes with the added difficulty of total darkness. Come ready to have some fun, use all your senses, and try not to get lost. 

We also have many other attractions to offer like our Swing Set, Punchin Pumpkins, Cow Train Ride, Horse Shoe Pit, Ladder Ball, Corn Hole, Corn Cannon, Wagon Rides, and more!


Monday – Thursday                           10am – 6pm

Monday – Thursday, the last ticket is sold at 5pm.  

Friday – Saturday                                 10am – midnight

Friday – Saturday, the last ticket is sold at 10:30pm.


10am- 10pm

Sunday-last ticket sold at 9pm


Individual Pricing

Daytime Attractions w/ Corn Maze
$10/per person

Daytime Attractions w/ Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt & Corn Maze
 $12/ per person 

Corn Maze – Nighttime
 $12/per person

Day time pricing ends at 5:59pm and Night Time pricing begins at 6pm.

Group Pricing

No Groups will be booked this year due to covid 19

Haunted Corn Maze
Opens September 18th 2021

The Haunted Maze is separate from our regular maze, and filled with scary fun. Grab your friends and your sense of adventure, because you never know what is waiting for you around each turn.

Recommended for ages 10 and up


Friday and Saturday                          7pm – Midnight

Friday and Saturday, the last ticket is sold at 10:45pm. 

Sunday  7pm – 10pm

 Last ticket sold at 9:00pm

Individual Pricing

Haunted Maze Ticket
$22/per person


Group Pricing

No Groups will be booked this year due to covid 19

Zombie Paintball
Closed for 2021 because of Covid 19 will return in 2022

This nighttime activity is a tractor pulled trailer ride through Zombie country where you get to shoot our real live zombies and they don’t shoot back. Do you have what it takes to protect the farm and save it from an apocalypse? With this ticket for 50 extra paintballs, you’ll definitely have a better shot!

Recommended for ages 5 and up


Closed due to covid 19 will return in 2022

Individual Pricing

Closed due to covid 19 will return in 2022

Group Pricing

Closed due to covid 19 will return 2022

Pumpkin Patch

Our pumpkin patch offers a variety of different pumpkins. We have bright beautiful orange ones in various sizes, but if you are looking for something a bit more exciting try a warty pumpkin, or maybe a ghostly white one. Pumpkins are priced by the pound, but visiting our patch is always free.


Open Daily
September 25th – October 31st

Monday – Sunday 
10am to 6pm

Individual Pricing

Regular Carving Pumpkins $0.50lb

Specialty Pumpkins [Ghost, Cinderella, Warty] $0.50lb

Pie Pumpkins  $3.00 each


Mini pumpkins                          $3 each

Corn Stalks 
$5 a bundle

Fire Pit Rentals

These individual areas are surrounded on all sides corn providing a unique private place to enjoy one another’s company, while still being centrally located to all the activities on the farm. Each pit area is set up to comfortably fit 50 guests and is equipped with access to electricity, 4 picnic tables, a covered tent, 1 portable firepit, and all the wood you will need to keep it going. Firepits are rented in 2-hour blocks of time. If multiple blocks of time are purchased your party will reside in the same firepit the entire time.


Admission is required to enter fire pit area. Fire pit does not include admission to any attraction. 



Each fire pit area comes with:

  • 4 picnic tables
  • A 10’ by 20’ tent
  • A fire pit
  • All wood included


$75 / per two hour time slot

You can rent additional 2 hour blocks.


Q: Does the price include tickets to the other attractions?
Admission to the Corn Maze/Haunted Maze/ Zombie Paintball  is all an additional cost. The fire pit rental is just a private area with your own fire pit.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Just no alcohol please.

Q: Is a pumpkin included with our fire pit rental?
Pumpkins are an additional cost.